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Eaton 703REUR-00 Four Channel Radio Transmitter

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The 703REUR-00 from Easton is a four channel radio transmitter that can be used in conjunction with any wired detector or device to provide a radio solution when wiring is not possible.

Capable of transmitting signals from up to four locations, it‘s ideal for communicating with a central control point. And whether you need it to monitor lights, doors, pumps, machines, plant or farm machinery or other equipment, you’ll find our 868 MHz narrow-band ensures reliable operation.

Moreover, it can work with wired vibration sensors to detect attacks on doors, windows, walls and safes. Likewise, by using it with a keyswitch it can act as a simple alarm system.

Powered by either 12vDC or batteries, the 703 can just as easily be used for outbuildings with no electricity as indoor locations.

However, you use it though, you can expect the 703 to perform to the highest standards to keep you informed.

Key Features

  • Radio solution when wiring is not possible.
  • Used in conjunction with any wired detector or device.
  • Reliable, secure Eaton 868 MHz narrow-band radio operation.
  • Programmable supervision signals for extra protection.
  • Programmable options to cater for a wide variety of uses.
  • Can function as a simple alarm system + transmitter.
  • Integral analyser for connection of external inertia sensors.
  • Accepts up to four signals from a wide variety of monitoring triggers.
  • 12vDC and/or 2 x AA alkaline battery powered.


  • Channels : 1, 2 or 4 (mode selectable)
  • Inputs : 2 x double pole or 4 x single pole
  • Programming Display : Seven-segment LED
  • Power Supply : 12vDC
  • Quiescent Current : 15mA
  • Power Consumption : 15mA
  • Wireless Frequency : 868.6625 MHz
  • Battery : 2 x AA
  • Operating Temperature : -10°C to +55°C
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) : 152x104x30mm


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