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Eaton BiWire Ultra 5 in 1 Detector

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The BiWire Ultra detector can be configured to one of 5 settings including 3 heat detector modes, helping to prevent false alarms in areas with known high levels of dust, fumes, steam or smoke.

DIL switch Mode Selection: Optical Smoke (15m Range), Multi-criteria opto-thermal (10.6m Range) and 3 Thermistor base heat detection (10.6m Range): Rate of Rise (A2R characteristic 60°C), Fixed medium temperature (BS medium temperature 77°C), Fixed high temperature (CS high temperature 92°C).

Key Features

  • DIL-switch mode selection
  • Non-latching mode for HMO use
  • Schottky diode base option
  • Remote LED capability
  • 360° indicator LED lightpipe technology


  • Operating Voltage : 15 – 30V DC
  • Mounting Position : Ceiling in Open Areas
  • Area Coverage : 100m2
  • System Wiring : 2 Core


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