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Eaton Hold Up Devices (HUDs) or Panic Alarm Buttons


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Hopefully, your staff will never need to find out why our radio hold-up alarm devices are so highly regarded. But should they ever feel threatened, we have a wide range of dual button operated devices they can trust with their lives.

The range includes both portable and fixed devices, all utilising Scantronic’s reliable radio technology, for both commercial and residential applications. All models are designed to prevent accidental activation.

The 705, 710 and 726 models are all designed to be portable devices with different wearable options – hand-held, neck pendant or clip-on – meaning there’s a style to suit everyone. The HUD-2B-FXD is a fixed device making it easy to locate during an attack, additionally 2-way radio functionality provides the ability to raise and generate a confirmed hold- up alarm from a single device.

Choosing the right hold-up device

705REUR-00 – Portable hand-help device

The 705REUR-00 has a double push lock and can be belt mounted. In addition, it also gives you the flexibility of a secondary programmable channel.

706REUR-00 – Portable handheld radio HUD

The 706REUR-00 has a double push lock and can be belt mounted. It also has a built-in tilt sensor for “man down”.

710REUR-00 – Portable handheld radio HUD

The 710REUR-00 is a single channel radio HUD with belt/pendant mounting options and replaceable batteries with extended radio range.

726REUR-60 – Portable handheld radio HUD

The 726REUR devices are long range single channel radio HUDs with belt mounting capabilities.

Key Features

  • Proven design evolved over three generations of radio technology.
  • Device of choice for safety conscious environments.
  • Choice of devices to meet user specific needs.
  • Compatible with EXP-R10 and EXP-R30.


  • Number Of Commands :
    • 705REUR-00 : 2
    • 706REUR-00 : 
    • 710REUR-00 :
    • 726REUR-60 :
  • Free Space Radio Range :
    • 705REUR-00 : 600m
    • 706REUR-00 : 
    • 710REUR-00 :
    • 726REUR-60 :
  • Typical Battery Life :
    • 705REUR-00 : 84 months
    • 706REUR-00 : 
    • 710REUR-00 :
    • 726REUR-60 :
  • Compliance :
    • 705REUR-00 : EN50131 grade 2
    • 706REUR-00 : 
    • 710REUR-00 :
    • 726REUR-60 :
  • Enclosure Colour :
    • 705REUR-00 : Grey
    • 706REUR-00 : 
    • 710REUR-00 :
    • 726REUR-60 :
  • Dimensions (HxWxD)
    • 705REUR-00 : 100x44x27mm
    • 706REUR-00 : 
    • 710REUR-00 :
    • 726REUR-60 :
  • Weight
    • 705REUR-00 : 0.09kg
    • 706REUR-00 : 
    • 710REUR-00 :
    • 726REUR-60 :


Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg

Handheld, Belt or Handheld, Pendant or Belt


Tilt Sensor

No, Yes


Short, Long

Device Type



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