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Eaton XCELRPT Radio Pet Tolerant PIR

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The XCELRPT is a wireless motion (PIR) detector which is pet tolerant. The XCELRPT is supplied a white plastic housing.

The XCELRPT take two standard AA batteries available from any retailer. Conveniently, fewer site visits to change batteries will be required as the battery life is increased to 40 months using standard AA batteries.

Fit radio PIRs where you want to

Advanced design has led to 30% radio range improvement.

Greater performance for improved security

Consistency of coverage considerably improved due to the new design of spherical lens, five layers of beams and dual element sensor. The XCELRPT responds twice as quickly as the previous radio PIRs whilst maintaining pet tolerance up to 25Kg.

Carry one detector for all installations

Radio detectors are compatible with all current Scantronic panels as well as  legacy alarm panels with 868MHz radio capability.

Key Features

  • Advanced design has led to 30% radio range improvement.
  • Uses standard AA batteires which are readily available.


  • Security Grade : Grade 2
  • Indication : Optical
  • Pet Tolerance : Tolerant to pets up to 25kg
  • Connection : Radio
  • Radio Frequency : 868.6625 MHz
  • Battery : 1.5v AA alkaline x 2
  • Tamper Protection : Yes
  • Material : Plastic
  • Environmental Class : Class II
  • Operating Temperature : -10°C to +55°C
  • Humidity : Up to 95%
  • Weight : 150g
  • 120mm x 55mm x 55mm : 120x55x55mm


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