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Economy Fire Alarm Mains Safety Isolator Switch (Surface or Flush)


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This compliant mains safety isolator keyswitch designed for fire alarm panels provides a secure method of safety isolating the mains supply of fire alarm systems. It works in accordance with: BS 5839 Pt.1 2013. As per these BS requirements both the Live and Neutral supply is switched (Double Pole).

The supply can only be isolated by an authorized person, by means of a key operated switch. The key is removable in both ON/OFF positions.

An internal fuse is also provided for protection. The fuse cannot be removed without taking the cover off.

When in the OFF position the FUSE is disconnected from the supply.

Key Features

  • Compliant mains safety isolator keyswitch for fire alarm systems.
  • Meets the reuirements of BS 5839 Pt.1 2013.
  • Double pole isolation (both live & neutral supply is switched).


What is the switch rating?

The 400-220 isoltaor has a switch rated at 8Amps (double the original 400-210 model).

Can the unit be fitted to a standard dry lining box?

Yes providng the box is at least 35mm deep.

What is the maximum fust which can be fitted?

The 400-220 can be fitted with up to 6100mA fuse (fit up to 6A fast) however it is supplied with a 4A fuse as standard.


  • Nominal Voltage Rating : 230 VAC 50Hz
  • Switch Contact Rating : Double Pole – 250VAC 8Amp
  • Fuse Rating : 4A to 6A Fast (20mm X 5mm)
  • Enclosure Material : RoHS Compliant FR ABS
  • Shipping Weight : 135g (175g with backbox) 
  • 2011/65/EU RoHS II : Compliant, Lead Free
  • Key Number : 400-220
  • Size :
    • Surface (400-220RB) : 86(w) x 86(l) x 58(h) mm
    • Flush (400-220R) : 86(w) x 86(l) x 25(h) mm


Additional information

Weight 0.135 kg
Mounting Style

Surface, Flush


Red, White