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EDA-Q670 Electro Detectors Battery Pack

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2 cell lithium battery pack for Electro Detectors (EDA) Zerio and Millenium devices.

These battery packs are for use with the following Electro Detectors (EDA) devices:-


  • EDA-R2000 – Zerio Radio Optical Smoke Detector and Combined Sounder
  • EDA-D2000 – Zerio Radio Heat Detector with Combined Sounder
  • EDA-C1000 – Zerio Radio Call Point / Break Glass Unit


  • EDA-J400 – Millennium Combined Sounder and Ionisation Smoke Detector
  • EDA-R400 – Millennium Combined Sounder and Optical Smoke Detector
  • EDA-D400 – Millennium Combined Sounder and Rate of Rise Heat Detector
  • EDA-S400 – Millennium Combined Sounder and Fixed Point Heat Detector
  • EDA-C300 – Millennium Manual Call Point
  • EDA-T300 – Millennium Radio Transmitter

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