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Ekho EK-WL8-OH Wireless Multi-Sensor

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The EK-WL8-OH is the latest in wireless multi-criteria sensor technology. It is a fully intelligent device and compatible with the Ekho wireless Translator and Expander modules.

The sensor combines both smoke and (A1R) heat detection technologies for improved performance, which can contribute to reducing unwanted alarms.
Utilising well-proven adaptive radio signal processing algorithms ensures that the highest levels of life safety and system reliability are achieved.

An in-built magnet test allows easy activation to verify correct functionality and response.


  • Approved to EN54-5,7,25 & 29
  • RED compliant
  • Internal algorithm processing optimises performance
  • Tamper switch
  • Up to 10 years battery life*
  • Utilises standard low-cost lithium battery technology
  • Bi-directional wireless communications
  • Self optimising wireless amplitude and frequency
  • Designed for use with Ekho Translator and Expander modules


Video Transcript

EK-WL8 Series sensors are the most widely used devices in the Ekho system. Standards and codes require sensors to be installed in most areas of a building. Types of sensors, EK-WL8-O optical smoke sensor, EK-WL8-H heat sensor, EK-WL8-OH multi-sensor. The installation of a wireless sensor is performed in three simple steps. Remove the sensor from its space, fix the base to the ceiling, reattach the sensor to the base.

The proprietary design at the smoke chamber is one of the basic technical features that has determined the success of the EK-WL8 Series. The patented smoke chamber’s unique design feature consists of an S-shaped smoke entry and two dust traps. The design of the smoke chamber provides optimum air from all directions, a high level of protection against the ingress of small insects, protection of external light sources from entering the smoke chamber, protection of the chamber from the entry of dust and airborne contaminants. In areas where smoke sensors cannot be used, EK-WL8-H heat sensors can be installed. They operate when the temperature threshold is exceeded or when the temperature increases rapidly. The EK-WL8-OH multi-sensor is used in more specific and demanding areas where it is required to continuously sample both the air and temperature in a protected area. The device can help in reducing false alarms.

The unit comes with a user manual and fixings. The sensor housings are made of white ABS plastic and consists of two parts, the base and the sensor itself. To remove the sensor, twist the sensor anti-clockwise from its base. The base is common to all three sensors and features fixing holes for mounting to the ceiling. Both the heat and the multi-sensor have a thermostat. The following components are located in the rear section of the optical smoke, heat, and multi-sensors. Primary battery, secondary battery, located beneath the primary, programming button. The sensor is fitted with a label indicating date of manufacture and all devices have a three-year warranty from this date.

To replace the batteries, open the battery cover and remove the primary and secondary batteries. The secondary battery should be retrieved using a small screwdriver. The CR123A battery is the primary cell and the CR2032 battery is the secondary. On the front face of the optical smoke sensor housing, there are symmetrical entry holes to the smoke chamber, LED status indicator. The heat and multi-sensors have the same appearance. These sensors also have a temperature thermostat located under the indicator. To dismantle the sensor, release the clips securing the cover and carefully remove it. Lift and remove the smoke chamber cover. This action may be required when periodically cleaning the sensor. Care must be taken not to damage the device.

The device can be programmed using the free software Ekho Configurator or via the translator modules menu. Follow the steps to program the optical smoke sensor using the Ekho Configurator software as an example. Prior to programming, the sensor should be powered up. Remove the sensor from its base and remove the isolating battery tab before refitting to its base. To program the sensor, launch the Ekho Configurator software. In order to add the sensor to the system, click the translator WL8-TRH. Next, right-click and open the Context menu, select Add fire sensors WL8-O. To edit the sensor properties, highlight the sensor by left-clicking. In the right-hand window, its properties will be displayed, which can be changed. The heat and multi-sensors are added in the same way.

To program the sensor, right-click the WL8-O icon, select Programming, Initialize. Press the Prog button on the rear of the sensor housing. The initialization window will show the last four symbols of the unique serial number of the device. Use the mouse to select the line with the serial number of the sensor, WL8-O, and click the Continue button. A plus symbol will appear in the Init column against WL8-O after successful programming. To save the configuration file and right settings to the TRH translator, right-click the Apply Changes button. A plus symbol will appear in the Prog column against both the translator and the optical smoke sensor after successful completion of the programming process. All devices in EK-WL8 series are programmed in the same way. After programming, the translator module can be hardwired to the fire control panel’s ESP loop.

The sensors operate at a frequency of 868 megahertz and has an approved power of 25 milliwatts. The sensors operate on a self-configuring wireless mesh network and transmit signals via expanders to the translator module, WL8-TRH, which is connected to the fire control panel. Have 2 batteries, which provide operation for up to 10 years, dependent on operational usage. Transmit comprehensive data of their condition, level of dust smoke, temperature, battery level. Have a communication range of 1200 meters in open air. The devices have been designed to EN-54 part 5, 7, 25, and 29, and are certified by BRE LPCB.

Wireless sensors are easily installed with simple programming and the rapid fixing of devices, avoiding the use of costly cabling. The EK-WL8-O optical smoke sensors are the most widely-used devices. The unique smoke chamber ensures reliability and continuous performance, minimizing valuable time for the service organizations. All EK-WL8 wireless sensors operate on the Ekho mesh network where they simply and easily self-configure, saving valuable installation time. The batteries provide operation for up to 10 years. Use of wireless sensors accelerates installation works, saves on expensive cabling, and fully complies with regulations. Ekho, no wires, no limits.


  • Ordering Code : EK-WL8-OH
  • Operating Frequency Range : 868 – 870 MHz
  • Communication Range (In Open Air) : 1200m
  • Modulation Type : GFSK
  • Operating Frequency Channels : 6
  • Maximum Radiated Power : ≤ 25 mW
  • Operating Modes :
    • Smoke only
    • A1R Heat only
    • Smoke and A1R Heat combined 
  • Operating Temperature Range : -10°C to +55°C
  • Maximum Tolerated Humidity (Non Condensing) : 95% RH
  • Dimensions (mm) : Ø 111 x H 57
  • Weight (g) : 160
  • Power Supply (Dual 3V Lithium Batteries) :
    • Primary Cell : 
      • 1 x CR123A
      • 1.2 Ahr
      • Up to 10 years primary battery life
    • Secondary Cell :
      • 1 x CR2032


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