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EMS Firecell Hardwired Network Card for Syncro AS Panel

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The EMS Firecell Hardwired Network Card by Discount Fire Supplies empowers Syncro AS Panels with a high-integrity network, supporting up to 64 nodes and providing fault-tolerant, secure, and flexible connectivity for comprehensive control.


  • Up to 64 nodes supported for extensive system scalability.
  • High integrity protocol ensures secure operation against short or open circuit faults.
  • Simple 2-wire loop connection, fault-tolerant design, and support for open-ended networks make it ideal for retrofit applications.


Can I use this network card for retrofit applications?

Yes, the EMS Firecell Network Card supports open-ended networks, making it suitable for retrofit applications.

How many nodes does the network card support?

The network card supports up to 64 nodes, ensuring scalability for various system configurations.

Is the network fault-tolerant?

Yes, the network card is fault-tolerant, designed to secure against short or open circuit faults, ensuring reliable operation.


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