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EMS FireCell Wireless Remote Indicator Module

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The EMS FireCell Wireless Remote Indicator Module from Discount Fire Supplies is a certified, easy-to-install device that ensures prompt remote indication of fire events, equipped with key features for enhanced reliability.


  • Dual band 868MHz operation for reliable communication
  • Fire indication LED for quick visual identification
  • Anti-tamper locking mechanism to enhance security


How easy is it to install the EMS FireCell Wireless Remote Indicator Module?

The EMS FireCell RIM is designed for quick and easy installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

Can the RIM be associated with multiple detectors?

Yes, the RIM can be conveniently associated with either a single detector or a number of detectors to cover various areas.

Is the EMS FireCell Wireless RIM compliant with safety standards?

Absolutely, the device is third-party EN certified and satisfies the requirements of the Irish standard IS3218, ensuring adherence to stringent safety standards.


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