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EMS Firecell Wireless Zone Monitor

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The EMS FireCell Wireless Zone Monitor facilitates wireless integration of up to 30 FireCell devices into any system, providing a versatile solution for areas where cabling is impractical.


  • Internal diversity aerials and dual-band 868MHz operation
  • Supports 30 wireless FireCell devices, extending system capabilities
  • Connects seamlessly to addressable or conventional panels, accommodating various third-party EN certified devices.


Can the EMS FireCell Wireless Zone Monitor work with both addressable and conventional panels?

Yes, the WZM is designed to connect seamlessly to both addressable and conventional panels, ensuring compatibility with a variety of systems.

How many wireless FireCell devices can be supported by a single WZM?

The WZM can support up to 30 wireless FireCell devices, providing ample capacity for expanding and enhancing your system

Are the FireCell devices compatible with third-party EN certified devices?

Absolutely, the FireCell devices are designed to integrate smoothly with third-party EN certified devices, offering flexibility and customization for your specific needs.


  • Operating Temperature : -10°C to 55°C
  • Battery : 17mA @ 24Vdc
  • IP Rating : WZM; IP54. ZIM; IP65.
    Indoor use only
  • Wireless Frequency : 868MHz
  • Signal Strenth : Variable 0 – 14 dBm
  • Dimensions :
    • WZM (WxHxD) : 270x205x85mm
    • ZIM (WxHxD) : 120x240x60mm
  • Weight :
    • WZM : 0.95kg
    • ZIM : 0.95kg
    • CIC : 0.05kg
  • CE Certification : 0359-CPR-000436
  • EN54 Certification : EN54-17, EN54-18 & EN54-25


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