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Evacuator Synergy+ Power Supply, 4.5v

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The Evacuator Synergy+ Power Supply, 4.5v is a robust backup system designed for seamless operation during power outages, boasting low operating costs, easy maintenance, and enhanced security features.


  • 12v battery backup for uninterrupted system operation during power failures.
  • Switch mode design for cost efficiency and reduced heat generation.
  • Modular construction and lid opening tamper detection for easy maintenance and enhanced security.


How long does the battery backup last during a power outage?

The Evacuator Synergy+ Power Supply, 4.5v is designed to provide extended backup, and the duration depends on usage patterns. On average, it can support the system for several hours.

Is the installation of the power supply complicated?

No, the power supply features a modular construction, making installation straightforward. Detailed instructions are provided in the user manual for easy setup.

What measures are in place to ensure system security?

The high-voltage electronics are fully shrouded, and the power supply includes lid opening tamper detection, enhancing security by alerting to any unauthorised access attempts.


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