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Evacuator Synergy+ Repeater Panel

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The Evacuator Synergy+ Repeater Panel is a mains-powered safety device with a clear screen, advanced radio connectivity, and compliance with industry standards for effective emergency communication.


  • High-resolution 480×272 screen for clear visibility.
  • Mesh Radio connectivity at 869MHz for reliable communication.
  • 2km line of sight range with an 85dB Buzzer for effective emergency notifications


Is the Evacuator Synergy+ Repeater Panel battery-powered?

No, the panel is mains powered only for continuous and reliable operation.

What is the frequency range of the Mesh Radio connectivity?

The Mesh Radio connectivity operates at a frequency of 869MHz.

Does the panel comply with safety standards?

Yes, the Evacuator Synergy+ Repeater Panel is CE, ROHS, and EMC compliant to ensure adherence to industry safety standards.

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