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Evacuator Synergy RF Relay Interface

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The Evacuator Synergy RF Relay Interface is a wireless solution that automatically releases personnel turnstiles during alarms, featuring durable DPCO clean contacts and an IP65 enclosure.


  • Wireless connectivity for seamless operation
  • DPCO clean contacts with a 10A 240V AC/30V DC rating.
  • No mains input required, housed in an IP65 enclosure.


How does the Evacuator Synergy RF Relay Interface work?

The device automatically releases personnel turnstiles in response to alarms using wireless connectivity and features DPCO clean contacts for reliable operation.

What is the contact rating of the clean contacts?

The clean contacts have a rating of 10A 240V AC/30V DC, ensuring robust performance during emergency situations.

How is the device protected against environmental elements?

The device is housed in an IP65 enclosure, offering protection against dust and water, ensuring reliability in various conditions.

Is mains input required for the device?

No, the Evacuator Synergy RF Relay Interface operates without the need for mains input, providing flexibility in installation.


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