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Fike CIE-A-200 Single Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

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The CIE-A-200 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel is a one loop panel capable of supporting up to 200 devices* with a maximum loop length of 2KM, the panel also provides two configurable monitored input circuits, 2 configurable monitored output circuits, 2 configurable + 1 fault relay and also a Peripheral bus circuit to add up to 8 repeater panels.

The system may be configured utilising 3 alarm stages with full ‘Zone to Zone’ Cause and Effect across all 32 panel zones with provision to include alarm confirmation and delay timers. An additional 32 output zones are also provided for more complex Cause and Effect programming.

The CIE-A-200 control panel is compatible with Fike’s addressable range of devices and utilizes soft addressing principles eliminating the need for the installer to physically address each device whilst also eradicating time spent on faults caused by duplicate addressing. The operating parameters of the devices are configured either from the panel or via the OSP programming software and are then stored within the Flash memory of the device itself. This enhanced digital protocol means less information is needed to be sent between the detector and the host control panel, resulting in faster, more reliable communication.

Cabinet Intallation

Surface Mounting

The three mounting holes provided in the back box should be used to secure the cabinet to a solid wall using suitable screws of at least 50mm in length. Ensure that a minimum gap of 50mm is left between the sides of the back box and any wall or projection (such as another box).

Flush Mounting

An additional cradle (part number 23-0239) is available for use when flush mounting the panel. The cut out size for flush mounting is 354mm (W) x 334mm (H). When flush mounted the panel will sit at a depth of 83mm into cavity and have 36mm protruding from surface.


  • 1 loop Fike addressable panel.
  • Approved to EN54 Part 2 & 4.
  • 32 supported zones.
  • LCD display.
  • 31 character device labels.
  • Maximum 8 repeater panels.
  • 2000m max loop length.


Can the CIE-A-200 be configured from the panel front end?

The majority of the configuration can be done from the front end of the panel however software is required to upload and download files and to programme cause and effects.

What are the requirements to get the software?

In order to have a copy of the software the Engineer must attend the CIE-A-200 training course and once successfully completed will be issued with a 2 year licence key to activate the software. In an emergency a temporary licence can be issued at the discretion of the Technical Manager but this has a limited life and will only be issued once.

Does the panel support spurs?

The panel supports spurs however the current ASD devices do not.  For existing multipoint installations (prior to 2009) this panel can be used as a replacement but all new installs will need to be wired as a loop.

What considerations need to be taken into account when using the CIE-A-200 to replace Duonet or Quadnet?

As the CIE-A-200 is only a single loop it will not support 2, 3 or 4 loops. Due to the difference in size, the Duonet/Quadnet have a larger backbox, an additional collar can be purchased to fit around the CIE-A-200 panel should flush mounting be required.


  • Dimensions Panel (WxHxD) : 353mm x 333mm x 117mm
  • Operating Temperature : +5°C to +40°C
  • IP Rating : IP30
  • Mains Supply Input : 230V AC Nominal
  • Standby Battery Requirement : 2 x 7Ah 12V Sealed Lead Acid (2 x 12 Ah with extended battery box)
  • Max Number of Loops : 1
  • Max Loop Length : 2000 Metres
  • Max Conductor Resistance : 24 Ohms
  • Loop Loading : 450 DLU (200 Devices Max)
  • Loop Operating Voltage : 40V DC
  • Standby : 24V DC
  • Max Loop Current : 500mA
  • Number of Supported Zones : 32
  • LCD Display : LCD Graphical Display
  • Device Labels : 31 Characters
  • Event Log : 1000 Events
  • Repeater Panels : 8 Max
  • Aux Power Output : 30V DC 450mA
  • Inputs and Outputs :
    • Inputs : 2 x Monitored Inputs (3k3 EOL, 680R Firing Resistor)
    • Outputs : 3 x Volt Free Relay (30V DC @ 1A Max)
    • Monitored Outputs : 2 x (24V DC @ 500mA Max, 10k EOL). Each monitored output may be configured as a Conventional Sounder Circuit or a Remote Fire Circuit or as a Common Fault output.


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