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Firecaddy Flush or Corner Mounted Small Extinguisher Holder

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Unique storage for smaller fire extinguishers that can be easily flush or corner mounted to walls or cupboards and can also hold additional safety equipment including a fire blanket and smoke detector/carbon monoxide alarm.


  • Provides quick and easy access to fire safety equipment.
  • Can be easily flush or corner mounted to walls or cupboards.
  • Can accommodate one number fire extinguisher: 2kg/litre foam, powder, wet chemical or 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher.
  • Side panel includes the word ‘FIRE’.
  • A fire blanket or emergency life hammer can be placed on the front of the Firecaddy and a smoke detector/carbon monoxide alarm can be fitted underneath.
  • Ideal for use in a wide range of environments including kitchens, apartments, halls of residence, universities etc.
  • Manufactured form strong and durable moulded plastic (will not chip or crack).
  • Quick and easy to wall mount with standard wall bracket fixings such as those used for wall mounting pictures etc. (please note that fixings are not included).

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