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Haes Eclipse 2 or 4 Zone Sav-Wire or Conventional Control Panel


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Quality, reliability, ease of use and feature rich are attributes that are consistent across the entire range of Haes fire alarm control panels. As the entry level panel from Haes, the Eclipse encompasses all of these attributes to provide a panel that meets a variety of needs.

For the fire alarm engineer the Eclipse has been designed to minimise labour costs. There is ample room for wiring, changing batteries and clear indication. Activation is via key switch or access code, which means you should always be able to work on the panel and the one man walk tests will help reduce the cost of maintaining the fire alarm system.

Simplicity was one of the most important aspects when considering the end user of a fire alarm panel. The colour coded buttons and the 3 step silence functionality gives non-technical people the confidence to correctly manage their fire alarm system.

The Eclipse is the only entry level panel on the market that will reduce false alarms. The Eclipse can be programmed so that it requires a secondary confirmation before sending the panel into alarm. Fire and Rescue services are looking to this type of functionality to allow them to respond to Alarm Receiving Centres.

Two or four fire zone circuits are provided plus two monitored sounder circuits. Fire & Fault VFCO relays, Fire & Fault switched negative outputs, class change and an alert input are also included. The fire zone outputs can be set as ‘Twin Wire’ by DIL switch selection. In ‘Twin Wire’ configuration, special detector bases and call points must be used.

Eclipse panels are approved to European standards EN54-2 & 4, Fire Detection and Alarm Systems – Control & Indicating Equipment.

Device Compatibility

Haes panels support an extensive range of conventional fire detectors, including Apollo, Hochiki & Nittan.

Twin Wire mode requires special, ‘Sav-Wire’ detector bases and polarised, 470Ω call points.

False alarm mode requires a 220Ω ‘Evacuate’ call point for EN54 compliance.


  • 2 or 4 zones
  • Twin Wire, selection by DIL switch
  • Activate controls via keyswitch or code entry
  • Soft tactile buttons for controls & programing
  • Conventionally wired, compatible with most detectors
  • Integral detector removal monitoring
  • 1.25 Amp switch mode power supply Nom 27V DC
  • 2 monitored sounder outputs
  • 2 Aux C/O relays (1 x Fire) (1 x Fault). voltage free
  • Class change I/P
  • Alert I/P
  • Fire & fault switched -ve outputs
  • False alarm mode
  • Test mode, with or without sounders
  • Disable zones, sounder O/Ps & Aux O/Ps
  • Alarm load, 800mA shared between all sounder outputs
  • All sounder circuits are fused @ 500mA with resettable fuses.


External Indications – Level 1

  • Zones in Fire
  • Zones in Fault, Disabled or in Test Mode
  • Supply Healthy
  • General Fire
  • General Fault
  • General Disablement
  • Test Mode
  • Sounder Status
  • Aux Output Status
  • Power Supply Fault
  • System Fault
  • Access Level

External Controls – Level

  • Keyswitch or code entry ‘activate controls’
  • Colour coded buttons for controls and programming
  • Button functions:
    • Resound
    • Silence
    • Reset
    • Disable Mode
    • Test Mode
    • Mute Buzzer
    • Test Lamps
    • Enter

Internal Controls

  • PSU Voltage adjustment
  • DIL switches:
    • Twin Wire mode
    • Zone interface setting
    • Access level 3 mode

Access Level 3 Options

  • Select sounder resound options for zones (EN54 requirement)
  • Select Type ‘A’ dependency per zone
  • View / edit dependency functions
  • Initialise factory settings
  • Set buzzer volume
  • Change keypad access code
  • Non latching zones
  • Short circuit as alarm zones
  • Intrinsically safe zones
  • Program O/Ps to cancel on Silence Alarms
  • Program sounder circuit responses


  • Mild steel, lockable, 20mm knockouts
  • Colour ref: Radon MW334E Interpon powdercoat
  • Back box = 300mmW x 250mmH x 80mmD
  • Lid = 308mmW x 260mmH x 23mm (Return)
  • Max battery size = 2 x 3.2Ah, 12v, SLA


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Weight 3 kg

2 Zones, 4 Zones