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Hispec Smart Vape Detector

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Welcome to the future of air quality management with our cutting-edge Vape Detector. As the vaping trend continues to rise, ensuring a clean and vape-free environment becomes essential, especially in hospitality, education, and business sectors.

In today’s fast-paced world, hospitality venues, educational institutions, and business environments face a common issue: maintaining air quality and promoting a healthier atmosphere for employees, students, and visitors. The rise of vaping poses a significant challenge in these sectors, as it not only compromises air quality but also raises concerns about health risks, distractions, and a negative impression on clientele.

The Hispec Vape Detector is here to address this challenge, providing real-time monitoring and immediate alerts when vaping is detected; allowing administrators to monitor and react to policy breaches instantly.

A smart versatile solution for hospitality education and business

Our exceptional Vape Detector seamlessly adapts to a broad spectrum of locations where vaping is either discouraged or strictly forbidden. It effortlessly integrates into diverse environments such as hotels, pubs, restaurants, schools, and corporate offices.

By doing so, it not only ensures optimal air quality but also serves as a steadfast guardian in preserving spaces that are entirely free from vaping and smoking disturbances, upholding the desired ambience and health standards of the establishment owners.


  • PM2.5 laser scattering sensor
  • Real-time monitoring via TUYA app
  • Remote alarm via app notication
  • Adjustable sensitivity WiFi connectivity
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with 2.5m USB-C cable
  • Comes with plug adaptor


Does the HSSA/VAPE detect any vape product?

Yes the HSSA/VAPE vape detector will detect any type of vape, it has a PM2.5 sensor which is very sensitive, in particular to water vapor produced by vape pens.

What size area does each unit protect?

30cbm is the recommended coverage area at a height of 2.8m optimally when installed in the centre of the room.

Does the unit have a built-in sounder?

No, the detector doesn’t have a built in sensor, this is to keep it discreet and avoid tampering/turning off, when vape is detected the sensor will send a notification to the end-users phone for action to be taken.

How large of an area is the Vape Detector designed to cover?

The vape detector is designed to cover an area of 30cubic metres (cbm, roughly the size of a twin-car garage),with optimal readings given when the detector is mounted at a height of 2.8m and located as centrally to the room as possible.

What is the correct alarm threshold setting?

The alarm threshold setting can vary depending on many environmental factors such as size of room, pollution, wind speed from open windows, excessive humidity & dusty surfaces. The detector must go through a calibration stage for between 48-72 hours, prior to adopting the correct alarm threshold setting. The user must make an informed decision based of their individual results in the calibration period.

Does the Vape Detector have an internal sounder?

The vape detector does not have an internal sounder, this is to keep the alarm discreet. This enables the end-user to put corrective measures in place by monitoring the alarm notification status via the Tuya Smart App.

Can the Vape Detector be wall mounted?

Yes, the vape detector can be wall mounted, please refer to the correct diagram on the User instruction manual for wall mounting provisions.

How is the Vape Detector connected to a power source?

The Vape Detector is connected to power via a USB-C cable (same as a phone charger), if direct hard wire connection is required, Hispec provide a mini-inverter.

Does the Vape detector sense anything other than vape?

Yes, the vape detector will detect other elements and pollution in the air, in particular cigarette smoke. The detector can detect other secondary pollutants, such as aerosols, cleaning fumes, heavy traffic fumes and industrial manufacturing fumes.

How many people can be logged in to receive notifications?

There is a limit of 200 logins per account simultaneously, essentially the app can be downloaded on 200 phones/tablets and all of these can be online at the same time.

How long is the guarantee?

The vape detector comes with a 2-year guarantee.

Does the vape detector have a battery back up?

No, the vape detector doesn’t have a battery backup, the power consumption of the sensor is high therefore having a battery backup would cause the battery to drain very quickly.

Can multiple vape detectors be connected to the same app log-in?

Yes, you can have up to 200 devices connected to the same app log-in. Each vape detector can be renamed to state which particular area it is in, for example; East wing toilet block 1.

Will the Vape Detector send a notification if the device has been tampered with or taken offline?

Yes, the device will send a notification to your phone if it has been tampered with or powered off, to ensure a notification is received set offline notification to ‘on’ in the device app.

Is the HSSA/VAPE compatible with any Wi-Fi network?

The HSSA/VAPE can only connect to a Wi-Fi network which supports the 2.4Ghz band. This is a very common band which most routers will support.


  • Sensors : PM2.5 Laser Scattering
  • Install Positions : Wall or ceiling mounting
  • Detection Range : 0-999μg/m³
  • Networking : WiFi 2.4 GHz
  • Power Source :
    • AC Adaptor input: AC 100~240v
    • Output : DC5V/1A USB Type C
  • Operation Temperature : -10°C ~ 55°C
  • Working Humidity : <95% RH (Non-condensing)
  • Dimensions : 90x90x26mm (w/o bracket)


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