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Howler SA01 Site Alert With Strobe

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The Howler Site Alert With Strobe has been designed to communicate a manually activated fire alarm in the clearest way possible. Combining a loud alarm and an intense strobe, it’d be hard to ignore this site alarm in an emergency.

The compact and slim design of the Howler Site Alert makes it a versatile site alarm that can be installed in virtually any location. All of the power requirements of the alarm components are provided through a replaceable 9V battery which means there’s no need for wiring thus allowing a quick and simple installation procedure.

However, the loud noise produced by the Howler is the biggest advantage of this site alarm. The in-built sounder has an impressive ability to output an alarm of 100dB at a 1m distance producing an alarm that will surely be heard even in the noisiest of environments.

In addition to the super-loud alarm, the Howler site alarm also has a high-intensity LED strobe integrated into the alarm design. By providing a visual indication of the alarm condition, the Howler is sure to be noticed by personnel if they are hearing-impaired or wearing ear protection.

The alarm switch is very simple to use, incorporating a push-on/push-off rocker switch with a flexible weatherproof cover. The switch is even illuminated to allow the alarm to be quickly activated in dark conditions.

Reliable and tough, the Howler site alert is ideal for small sites such as construction sites where it could be at risk of knocks and scrapes. If further alarm coverage is needed a series of up to 20 Howler site alerts can be connected using 2-core wire.


  • Standalone site alarm
  • LED visual strobe & 100dB @ 1m sounder
  • Ability to link 20 units together with a 2 core cable
  • Powered from 9V battery (included)
  • IP55 rated
  • Howler branded (the leading name in site alarm)
  • 2 year warranty


  • Power Supply: 9V Battery
  • Alarm Volume: 100dB at 1m
  • Visual Warning: High-intensity LED strobe
  • IP Rating: IP55
  • Network Capacity: 20 units linked using 2-core cable
  • Dimensions: 70(D) x 260(H) x 160(W) mm


Video Transcript

“Hi, welcome back to Discover Fire Supplies. My name’s Nadim and today we’re going to be talking about site alarms. In particular, we’re going to be talking about the model SA01 by Howler. Here it is in front of us. Howler is definitely the most reputable name in site alarms through the industry, well-known for being the most reliable and robust types of products that are available.

If we open up the box, it comes with a 9V battery which powers the unit and also some fixing screws to allow you to fix it to the position in which you’re looking to protect. The Howler unit does have a self check system there for the battery life and what will happen is it will check if the battery is sufficient. If not, there will be two LEDs that will like up in the flashing zone here, located just in the front of the unit there which will indicate that the batteries need to be changed and that needs to be done within 21 days.

You can interlink up to 20 of these units on site. It’s very simple, it’s just connected by a two core wire, two cores of wiring between each unit. The positive to the positive and the negative to the negative. That is as simple as if you do have any caution in the area, or you’re trying to warn others of a risk of a fire, then if you were to activate the button there then it’s got an integral sounder and a LED flashing unit here on the front which will start to sound and illuminate.

That will work in series, then, so it will communicate with the other up to 20 units that you have on your system there and they will all go into activation. Now the standard is at a 100 decibels output. And that’s everything we’ve got to say about these units. They’re very simple, easy to use.

Thank you very much for listening to Discover Fire Supplies. These products are available online on Thank you and we’ll see you again.”

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