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Lexicomm ViLX-TMS-W Touch Screen Master or Repeater Station


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An EVCS is a fixed, secure, bi-directional, full duplex voice communication system. It can provide either disabled refuge system functions and provide a fire telephone system where required.

The Lexicomm Network system is suitable for small to medium installation but is particularly suited to large multistorey and campus sites due to its superior network capability.

System Architecture

The range consists of a touchscreen master station, touchscreen repeater and system expander panels. These panels are connected via a dedicated secure network of up to 64 panels. Each master station or expander panel can have eight radial lines wired from it, this gives a system capacity of 512 lines.

Touchscreen Interface

Control and indication functions utilise a 4.3” colour touchscreen, this intuitive user interface makes use of icons wherever possible, which simplifies the user experience. Extensive logging of all functions can be accessed via the screen, this information is stored on the micro SD card and can be analysed in a daily spreadsheet format.

Outstation Range

The full range of Lexicomm outstations are compatible and include Type A outstations, Type B outstations, Type C outstations and jack points for use in far and Middle East applications.

Lines auto identify by flashing red for EVCS calls, blue for assist calls or flashing green for connected calls as detailed in BS 5839-9:2021.

Emergency Assistance Alarms

The Assist Call range of emergency assistance alarms is fully compatible. It has become very popular to add these devices as an integrated system. This has several benefits, namely: fault monitored wiring, fully line powered (no mains supply), battery back-up via the master station.

Alarm Icon Configuration

Icons used for alarm purposes can be altered for alternative uses, examples are: pool alarm, panic alarm, medicine cabinet alarm and fire door monitoring.

Pager Output

The TMS3 master station has the facility to connect to a Scope CX6 pager system via the optional adapter board. This provides text location text information for EVC outstations and Assist Call emergency assistance alarms.

Assist Call Repeater

The ViLX-ACR Assist Call Repeater can now be connected to the TMS3 master station directly via the Adapter board. This is ideal for reception areas providing notification of emergency assistance alarm activation. See relevant datasheet for full information.

Larger Sites

The Lexicomm Network system is particularly well suited for larger projects as it can accommodate multiple master station positions where alternative points of control are required. The Lexicomm Network system can be easily extended by simply adding a system expander panel where the additional lines are required.


The touchscreen display allows for extensive configuration menus. An engineer can configure VA and EVC functions from a single panel through to a multi-panel network all from one position without the need for a PC, all configuration being held on a micro SD card.

Key Features

  • 4.3” full colour touchscreen.
  • Fully compliant to BS 5839-9:2021.
  • Integrated Assist Call with acknowledge meeting BS8300.
  • Full duplex operation.
  • Alarm icon choice.
  • Expandable from 2 to 512 lines.
  • Dual redundant fault tolerant network.
  • Peer-to-peer network.
  • Pager serial output port.


Power Supply & Charger

  • AC Input : 120-240VAC+10%-15% 50/60Hz
  • Internal Supply : 5V, 16V, 27V DC
  • Supply & Battery : Monitored Open, Short, Fuses, High Impedance
  • Protection : Deep discharge, Short, Thermal
  • Battery Type : 1 x 12V 7AH VRSLA
  • Mains Fuse : 240V 1A HRC
  • Battery Fuse : 750mA PTC
  • Charge Current : 500mA


  • Lines : 2-8 in 2 line blocks
  • Remote Enable : Short to use
  • End Of Line : 10KΩ

Outstation Cables

  • Type : Standard* / Enhanced (*Refer to BS 5839-9:2021 for exceptions)
  • Cores : 1× 2 core radial 1mm or 1.5mm
  • Distance : 500m from master station


  • Number : 2, Fault & In use
  • Fault Relay : 1× Volt free NC, Com 30V DC 1A
  • In Use Relay : 1× Volt free NO, Com 30V DC 1A

Controls & Indications

  • Navigation Buttons : 3 push button navigation keys
  • Fault Indicators : AC, DC, PSU Status
  • Statutory Indicators :
    • CPU fault indicator
    • General fault indicator
    • RGB mode indicator
    • AC DC Present
  • Touchscreen : 4.7” RGB touchscreen

Network Cables

  • Type : Standard* / Enhanced (*Refer to BS 5839-9:2021 for exceptions)
  • Cores : 2× 2 core loops, 1mm or 1.5mm (2c Data, 2c Audio)
  • Distance : 500m max between panels

Standards Compliance

  • EMC :
    • EN 55035:2017+A11:2020
    • EN 55032:2015+A1:2020
  • LVD : EN IEC62368-1:2020+A11:2020
  • Product Family
    • BS 5839-9:2021
    • BS 9999:2017, BS 8300-2:2018

Dimensions & Weight

  • Panel (HxWxD) : 300x350x95mm
  • Bezel (HxWxD) : 350x400x1mm
  • Cutout (HxWxD) : 305x355x85mm
  • Weight : 4.5kg


Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg

Standard, Stainless Steel

Device Type


Master, Repeater

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