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MAUS Stixx Fire Suppression Sticker

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Did you know there is a fire every hour in the UK in Electrical Cabinets

The Maus Stixx is ideal for enclosed areas such as Electrical Distribution Boards as well as other enclosed spaces such as;

  • At home- Refrigerator/Freezer, Washing Machine/Tumble Dryer
  • In a boat-engine space
  • In a camper; Photovoltaic regulator

This fire suppression sticker protects against fires for 5 years. An innovation that quickly fights the fire when the product is exposed at a temperature of 380°C (this is typically within 3-5 seconds of the fire starting). A chemical reaction releases harmless inert gases that encapsulate and extinguish the burning particles in the space.


These are typical numbers of Stixx required. Each case should be calculated on their own merit.

  • Electrical cabinet 1-4
  • Washing Machine -3
  • Tumble Dryer-3
  • Fridge-1
  • Freezer – 1
  • Electric box in boat / camper van = 1-2

Considerations when it comes to refrigerator/freezer

Fires can occur behind the refrigerator and freezer by collecting dust on compressors and cooling coils that clog the air circulation. The heat from the compressor may be enough for the dust to ignite. The insulation material in the refrigerator and freezer can also be ignited.

Installation fridge/freezer

Remove the protective film on the “sticker side” and apply the sticker directly above the compressor (see PDF) with the coloured side down towards the compressor.

Things to consider when it comes to electrical cabinets

Each electrical cabinet needs a quick assessment to determine how many Maus Stixx are required. Typically, it can be anything from 1-4 stickers. The number is dependent on the volume and the shape of the cabinet.

The MAUS STIXX installation guide gives you a simple method to calculate where to place the Stixx and how many are required.

It is not just the volume of the area to be covered but it is important that the Maus Stixx is located no more than 30 cm from a potential ignition area.


  • Compact 10 x 5 cm x 0.5cm
  • Standalone unit
  • Non pressurized
  • Residue free technology
  • Will not harm any engine, electrical or electronic devices
  • Easily installed (competent person required)
  • Maintenance free
  • Guaranteed for 5 years
  • Fast response 3-5 seconds (when temperature reaches 3800C)
  • Non-toxic, harmless potassium mix



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