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Meteor Maxi LED Bulkhead, Lithium Battery, Legend Pack & Remote Control Function

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Now with LiFePo4 battery

The E/MM/M3/LED/LI from Channel Safety is an IP65 weatherproof rated LED bulkhead which is suitable for both internal and external environments. The Meteor Maxi is designed to provide high light output in the event of an emergency.

Ideally suited for installations in offices, shops, hotels, schools, pubs, restaurants, student accommodation, sports halls and many more.

The Meteor Maxi has been improved with the addition of a deeper back box to allow 20mm conduit entry and a legend pack included as standard. An optional remote control facilitates testing.

Optional remote control

  • Incorporates remote testing facility.
  • Light will test for two pre-set periods.
  • No need to remove/restore power.
  • Unit indicates Pass/Fail.

Key Features

  • Maintained or non-maintained 3 hour emergency backup.
  • IP65 weatherproof.
  • Optional remote control for timed testing.
  • Uses typically 80% less power than that of an 8W fluorescent.
  • Supplied with pictogram legend pack.


Video Transcript

Hi. My name’s Dan and today we’ll be talking about the Channel Meteor Maxi Emergency Light Fitting. This fitting comes…it can be set as either maintained or non-maintained. This purpose here I’ve got is non-maintained, which means with the power on in normal operation the emergency lights are off. When the maintenance is dropped to it, the emergency lights will activate and the LEDs will illuminate. Maintained, the LEDs are always on, even in power failure. You know? It can be mounted on the ceiling or wall and has a [inaudible 00:00:38] 65 it can be internal or external. And it also comes with tutorial stickers for you to stick on there. It’s easy to install, it’s lightweight, and, you know, it comes with push-fit connectors inside for your cable terminations, as well. What I’d like to talk to you today about with it is this optional remote control that you can purchase. This is ideal for testing. It’s got one test button on it, which if you point at the fitting and press test once it will do an operational five-second discharge test. Ideal for people performing weekly or monthly tests and just want to check the operation of the LEDs. By pointing at it and pressing the test button twice, this will put the unit into a three-hour discharge test, you know, and the LED operation will show you if it’s a pass or fail. Once this is finished, it will revert back to normal. You only need one remote if you have a site with multiple emergency lights. You can walk around the building just by simply pointing and pressing at each unit. That will put them individually in the test, which makes it a great time saver for anyone testing these on a regular basis or just, you know, one now and again. It doesn’t matter. Any more information, please contact Discount Fire and I would be happy to help.


  • Light Source : White LED
  • IP Rating : IP65
  • Emergency Duration : 3 hours (minimum)
  • Lumen Output :
    • Emergency : 124 lm
    • Mains : 535lm
  • Mains Current :
    • Max : 50mA
    • Quiescent : 35mA (3W)
  • Recharge Period : Less than 24 hours
  • Charge Indicator : Integral green LED Red LED fault indicator
  • Changeover Voltage : As per requirements of BS EN 60598-1:2008
  • Battery : 3.2v 1500mAH LiFePo4 Battery


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