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Morley MAx Repeater or Mimic Panel

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The Morley-IAS Max MA-LCD7 repeater or mimic panels are designed to provide an enhanced remote visual representation of the fire alarm system. With a large, high-resolution LCD display combined with Max’s unique user-friendly interface, this panel offers unparalleled clarity for monitoring the entire network, enabling quick identification of any event or alarm. 


  • Single hardware with dual functionality (programmable as a Repeater or a Mimic)
  • Full network visibility and control (Reset, Silence/Resound and Mute Buzzer) 
  • USB port for firmware upgrades and event history retrieval 
  • Modern compact design 
  • Up to 16 Repeaters per pane
  • 80 zones Mimic on a single repeater: up to 1120 zones at maximum configuration 
  • Morley-IAS Max unique User Interface for improved situational awareness 
  • Includes Easy Fix Plate for fast installation 
  • Fits most standard single or double electrical backboxes. Suitable for surface mount 
  • Download network event history via a USB memory drive  

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