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Pull Safe Extinguisher Safety Pins (Pack of 20)


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  • Designed to eliminate risk of pin jamming on removal.
  • Two versions designed to work with most standard and CO2 handle assemblies.
  • Easy installation to increase equipment safety.
  • Sold in packs of 20.



Introducing the Firechief Pull Safe Pin. Small fires in the workplace are often extinguished by inexperienced individuals. It is a time of panic and previous training can be forgotten in the heat of the moment. Most fire extinguishers require a metal pin to be removed from the handle to allow for discharge. Often, the handle is squeezed before the pin is removed, jamming the pin and resulting in an inoperable fire extinguisher and an uncontrolled blaze.

With a pull safe pin installed, regardless of how hard a panicked user squeezes the fire extinguisher handle, the pin can be removed easily, meaning that the extinguisher is ready for use with no risk of damage being done to the handle. The pin is quick and simple to use, in turn, saving lives. Compatible with all common fire extinguisher handle sets and designed for use with anti-tamper seals, the pull safe pin comes in two versions designed to work with standard and CO2 fire extinguisher handle assemblies. The smart design enables the pin to be used on both sides of the handle.

The pull safe pin is supplied in packs of 20 and couldn’t be easier to install. Put the pin in the mounting position and attach it to the fire extinguisher’s handle as shown. To remove, simply pull the pin as shown. The Firechief Pull Safe Pin, improving fire safety and reducing risk.

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