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Sigma SI Status Control Indicator


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Sigma Si is a range of system status indicator units for use with Kentec Sigma XT, Sigma XT+ and Syncro XT+ extinguishant releasing control panels

The Sigma Si range of status indicators provides detailed status information for Sigma XT and Sigma XT+ extinguishant release control equipment. All models provide high brightness, LED indication of Manual Only, Automatic and Manual, Hold Operated, Disabled, Imminent and Released conditions. Sigma Si 10 lamp version also has zonal fire indicators and a common fault indicator.

For systems where local control of the Automatic/Manual mode and or a Manual extinguishant release control are required, units are available with these controls fitted.

All models have monitored inputs for the remote connection of Automatic/Manual mode and Hold switches and are provided with a large, LED display which shows a countdown of the time remaining until the extinguishant is released in seconds.


  • Certified compliant with BS EN12094-1 when used with Sigma XT control equipment.
  • High brightness LEDs.
  • Detailed indication of the status of the control panel.
  • Monitored data connection.
  • Countdown timer shows time remaining until release.
  • Manual only and Automatic & Manual mode select keyswitch option.
  • Four wire connection (data and power).
  • Protected dual action manual release switch option.
  • Option for zonal fire and common fault indication with buzzer.
  • Robust, high quality enclosure.
  • Easy access to terminals.
  • Remote Auto/Manual door interlock input (monitored).
  • Remote Hold input (monitored).
  • Internal fault diagnosis indicators.
  • Weatherproof IP65 versions available.
  • Internal buzzer.


  • Construction : 1.2mm mild sheet steel
  • IP Rating :
    • Standard Box : IP30
    • Waterproof Unit : IP65
  • Colour (Lid & Box) : BS 00 A 05 grey – fine textur
  • Weight : 1kg (all units)
  • Power Supply : 21 to 30 V DC
  • Maximum Current Draw : 0.07A
  • Maximum Number Of Status Units : 7
  • Quiescent Current : 0.033A
  • Cable Capacity : 2.5mm2 per terminal
  • Monitored Inputs End Of Line Resistor : 6K8 0.5W Resistor
  • Monitored Inputs Normal Threshold : 8K ohm to 1K ohm
  • Monitored Inputs Trigger Threshold : 700 ohms to 100 ohms
  • Monitored Inputs : 99 ohms to 0 ohms
  • Short Circuit Threshold Data Connection : Two wire RS485 connection (max 1200 metres)


Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Indoor, Weatherproof

Status LEDs

6, 10

Manual Release

No, Yes

Mode Keyswitch

No, Yes