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SmartConnect Touchscreen 1 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panel



The SmartConnect is a fully featured single loop addressable fire alarm panel with a user friendly 4.3 inch touch screen display and remote monitoring via a desktop PC or smartphone via the cloud.

The panel is housed in an attractive, modern designed, flame retardent ABS enclosure, utilising a switch mode power supply and has a fully removable front cover which improves ease of access for cable installations. Up to 16 panels can be networked (pier to pier) with no additional network cards.


  • 4.3 inch colour touch screen display
  • Remote monitoring via a desktop PC or smartphone via the cloud
  • Easy to use configuration software
  • Full cause & effect programming via front panel or PC
  • 250 Zeta MKII protocol devices per loop
  • 250 available zones, 16 with LED indication
  • Built-in TCP-IP output
  • Up to 8 password protected users
  • Meets all requirements of latest EN54 parts 2 & 4
  • Extensive Day/Night mode programming
  • Built-in network facility
  • 2 programmable local inputs
  • 2 sounder circuits
  • Fire & fault relays


  • Mains Voltage : 230V AC +10% / -15% @ 50/60 Hz
  • System Voltage : 24V DC (Nominal)
  • Loop Current : 500mA
  • Sounder Alarm Output : 2 x 200mA @ 24V DC
  • Fault Relay : 1 x Volt Free Relay, SELV @ 1A Max
  • Fault Relay : 1 x Volt Free Relay, SELV @ 1A Max
  • Loop Capacity : 250 MKII devices
  • Charger Voltage : 27.6V
  • Battery Cut Off : Battery voltage less than 20V
  • Battery Internal : Resistance limit 2.0 ohm
  • Enclosure Size : 370 x 311 x 113 (mm)
  • Weight : 3.5Kg
  • Maximum Battery Space : 2 x 7.0 Ah, 12 Vdc sealed lead acid
  • IP Rating : IP30


We have just set up our Smart Connect panel, on testing the system when you raise an alarm via a MCP or smoke detector, the panel shows there has been an activation and the stand alone wall sounders work however none of the base sounders sound. Do these need configuring?

The smart Connect is able to have in depth cause & effects if needed, and you are able to address the sounder bases using the MKII-Tool if you require it. For most installs this is not necessary and therefore the sounder bases are left un-programmed and are just triggered by the remote output of the detector head.

To set up the configuration for using un-programmed sounder bases, please follow the procedure below.

  • Access the ADMIN Level.
  • Select Points.
  • Select the Options box.
  • Select the options box for one of the detectors using a base sounder.
  • Set Sounder in R.I as ON and press the tick box to confirm (do this for all detectors using a base sounder).
  • Select the box to exit out of Point Explorer and press tick to confirm the changes.

We are working on a Smart Connect panel and the panel is showing a multiple address fault. Is there an easy way to find where the fault is?

A multiple address fault occurs when you have two devices with the same address on a system.

Note which point number is showing multiple answer. Enter engineering menu and go to points. Proceed to device number in fault and select real time at top of menu. Press on the device you need and this will bring up the real time options for that device. In the middle of the screen you will see SWITCH OUTPUT which is set to OFF, if you press the ON option any device with that address the LED on the device will illuminate. Once you have found the devices with the same address, make sure you turn the switch output back to OFF, and then you can re-address accordingly.

What is the maximum distance between SmartConnect panels for a standard network?

If the link between the panels is wired in standard fire cable then the maximum distance between panels is 100m however if you use a screened data cable then the distance can be up to 1km.


Additional information

Weight 2.82 kg

Standard Enclosure, Metal Enclosure

Max Loops


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