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Smoke Sabre Smoke Detector Tester


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Smoke Sabre is a functional aerosol smoke check for testing smoke detectors quickly and cost effectively at a flick-of-the-wrist. Low cost, simple, and fun to use, it is a revolutionary tester that eliminates the risk of harmful residue – the big problem with conventional aerosol smoke detector testers.

How Does The Smoke Sabre Work?

Smoke Sabre is a major step forward in the design of aerosol smoke detector testers.  All other pressurised aerosol smoke alarm testers have the inherent drawback that, if misused, they leave harmful residue on the casing and / or inside the chamber of the detector.  This residue can discolour the detecto plastic, can attract dust, affect sensitivity and, in some cases, lead to corrosion, cracking or even complete failure of the detector.  Residue occurs when testing aerosols are used too close to the detector, or smoke alarm, despite instructions not to do so.

Smokesabre inhibits use too close to the detector and elminates harmful residue while focussing and targeting the canned smoke test gas.

When Smokesabre is in the closed position the sabre prevents access to the spray button.  The aerosol can only be activated when the sabre is fully extended.  In use, air is drawn through the holes in the sabre and this, coupled with the venturi effect involved, assists the velocity and vaporisation process of the airborne ‘smoke’ particles.  The result is a more effective test, delivering better detector activation, using less gas per test, and reducing costs while eliminating harmful residue.

Other products may be recommended as best used with accessory devices to prevent spraying too close.  With Smokesabre there is no choice.  The sabre is part of the product and cannot be used without it.

Smokesabre is a universal test product covering the sensitvity range of all smoke detectors.

The extending sabre is made of 100% biodegradable plastic making Smokesabre the only smoke detector tesr aerosol to be both recyclable and eco-friendly.


  • Retractable “Sabre” ensuring testing is done from an adequate distance
  • Overcomes issues with other handheld smoke dispensers leaving harmful residue due to testing too close to detector
  • Air drawn through holes in “Sabre” vaporising the particles making them more like genuine smoke
  • Overall more efficient meaning more tests per can


Video Transcript

Hi. Welcome back to Discount Fire Supplies. My names Nadim, and today we’re going to be talking about the Smoke Sabre from Solo Detector Testers or No Climb Products.

The Smoke Sabre is a hand dispensed synthetic smoke used to test the detectors on your system. Where the Smoke Sabre differs from other hand dispensed synthetic smokes out there in the market is that it comes with what they are calling a “sabre,” which is like a funnel instrument that protudes from the top of the canister.

What does this do? The sabre actually gives you an optimum distance for testing your smoke detectors with. Other cans that you use that don’t have this instrument on top can cause you to test the detector from too close to the unit and actually cause discoloration, contamination and lead to false alarms in the future.

The way they’ve designed the canister is that without actually extending the sabre, it is impossible for you to dispense the smoke. Once extended, as you can see, there’s a place, a hole for you to stick your finger. You can quite easily dispense the smoke.

As you can see, if you can see closely, there’s perforations on the funnel and this allows air to flow through. Once the smoke is dispensed, it actually breaks it down and makes its properties like smoke itself.

This product is available online today on I’d like to thank you very much for listening and we’ll see you again.


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