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Solo C3 Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester Aerosol 250ml

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Many multi-sensor fire detectors detect carbon monoxide (CO) as well as smoke and / or heat. Under international codes and standards the CO cell needs to be functionally tested with a CO stimulus from the protected area through the detector vents to the sensor.

Solo C3 – used in conjunction with Solo 330 / 332 dispensers – provides a safe way of achieving this with CO concentration levels high enough to activate an alarm, but low enough not to pose danger to user health.


  • Detector manufacturer endorsed
  • Genuine and non-flammable CO stimulus
  • Controlled delivery
  • Designed for use with Solo 330 / 332 dispensers


How Many Detector Tests Would You Expect To Complete With A Single Solo C3 Can?

The number of tests tests is dependant on the storage of the aerosol and that the usage is carried out as per instructions. However the manufacturer discovered that if the aerosol is used in 1-2 second bursts and repeated every 5 seconds as necessary then you should achieve at least 50 tests per can.

Can the Solo C3 be used hand-held?

No, the Solo-C3 has been exclusively designed to work with either the Solo 330 or 332 dispensers.

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