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SpeechPOD Dual PIR SD Evolution Voice Warning System

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SpeechPOD DUAL is an innovate new product which plays an audible message in any language or multiple languages which are directional depending on the movement of persons across the product.

SpeechPOD Dual contains two PIR motion sensors which detect persons at a distance of up to 6 metres. When SpeechPOD detects a person moving Left to Right across the product it will play any selected message from the SD card memory. When SpeechPOD detects a person moving Right to Left across the product it will play a different selected message from the SD card memory, therefore providing a bi-directional messaging system.


  • On sensing the presence of people, SpeechPOD Dual SD Evolution will play any preprogrammed voice files in any language.  If people are moving in the opposite direction SpeedhPOD Dual SD Evolution will play a different pre-programmed messgae.
  • Time delays between messages are selectable via the remote programmer to ensure that the message is broadcast at the right time.
  • Up to 100 messages can be pre-programmed and selected either individually or sequentialy where each message in the list is played in turn on each activation.
  • SpeechPOD Dual SD Evolution contains a Windows® based file structure which allows simple ‘drag and drop’ file copying for ease of programming.
  • New SmartWave© hi-resolution voice playback software produces crystal clear hi-fidelity audio files to be broadcast in any location.
  • SpeechPOD Dual SD Evolution can be powered simply by 4 x AA alkaline batteries, or connected to the mains through a 6Vdc power supply unit for high traffic areas.



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