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SpeechPOD PIR SD Evolution Voice Warning System


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Brand new for 2012, the SpeechPOD SD Evolution is the first product to incorporate SD flash memory technology.

SpeechPOD SD Evolution incorporates a PIR motion sensor and is designed to provide voice messages in any area of a facility to warn of special risks or hazards such as slips, trips and falls, infection control procedures, hygiene requirements, security monitoring or point of sale merchandising.

Fully programmable with a simple hand held remote, SpeechPOD SD Evolution is a truly global product with the ability to play any audio file in any language without the need for complex programming knowledge.


  • On sensing the presence of people, SpeechPOD SD Evolution will play any preprogrammed voice files in any language.
  • Time delays between messages are selectable via the remote programmer to ensure that the message is broadcast at the right time.
  • Up to 100 messages can be pre-programmed and selected either individually or sequentialy where each message in the list is played in turn on each activation.
  • SpeechPOD SD Evolution has a special ‘Cleaner Mode’ which allows cleaners to set a warning message for a wet and slippery floor. After a preset time, SpeechPOD reverts to its original settings without the need for manual intervention.
  • SpeechPOD SD Evolution contains a Windows® based file structure which allows simple ‘drag and drop’ file copying for ease of programming.
  • New SmartWave© hi-resolution voice playback software produces crystal clear hi-fidelity audio files to be broadcast in any location.
  • SpeechPOD SD Evolution can be powered simply by 4 x AA alkaline batteries, or connected to the mains through a 6Vdc power supply unit for high traffic areas.
  • Weatherproof version available.



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