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Testifire XTR2 Smoke Cartridge


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If you want to provide a consistent supply of non-hazardous smoke for testing, the Testifire XTR2 Smoke Cartridge is a safe and easy-to-use accessory that fits perfectly with the Testifire XTR2.


  • Non-hazardous and non-pressurized
  • Specially designed for use with Testifire XTR
  • Reliable and safe source of smoke during testing


Are the smoke cartridges pressurized?

No, the Testifire XTR2 Smoke Cartridges are non-pressurized, ensuring a safe testing environment.

Can I use these cartridges with other smoke detectors?

No, these cartridges are specifically designed for use with the Testifire XTR2 and may not be compatible with other smoke detectors.

Are the smoke cartridges hazardous?

No, the Testifire XTR2 Smoke Cartridges are formulated to be non-hazardous, prioritizing safety during testing procedures.


  • Carbon Monoxide : No
  • Heat : No
  • Smoke : Yes


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Weight 1 kg

Pack of 3, Pack of 6