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Testifire XTR2 Smoke Generator

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The TESTIFIRE-GEN-1PK-001 replacement smoke generator for the Testifire XTR2 smoke and heat tester.



Is it possible to utilise TESTIFIRE-GEN-1PK-001 with different kinds of fire detection systems?

No, the TESTIFIRE-GEN-1PK-001 is compatible with the Testifire XTR2 smoke and heat tester only.

How many tests should be possible with the XTR2 smoke generator?

There are 120,000 seconds of smoke per generator. This gives 8000 tests for 15 seconds of smoke with a 30 seconds test cycle duration. The XTR2 will inform you when the generator should be changed and the DT Connect App will give an accurate percentage reading of remaining life.>Testifire XTR2 smoke and heat tester only.


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