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White 2 Core Standard Fire Resistant Cable (1.5mm)

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Ventcroft NoBurn platinum standard fire cable is manufactured in the UK using the latest technology, materials and manufacturing equipment to ensure consistency, reliability and quality. 
NoBurn cabling has no troublesome multiple sheaths, foils or wraps to strip and is therefore the fastest cable to prepare for termination.

Manufacturers installation guidelines

  • Recommended metal clip spacing: 300mm Horizontal, 400mm Vertical
  • Recommended Cable Tray Fastening: Metal Tie, spacing every 1.5 metres
  • Operating temperature: Minimum -40ºc to Maximum +90ºc
  • Installation Temperatures:
    • Minimum installation Temperature: 0ºc
    • Maximum installation Temperature: 70ºc

The cable should not be flexed or bent when either the cable or operating temperature is below the recommended installation temperatures.

Minimum Bend Radius = 6 x Diameter.
Plastic Clips or ties must not be used as the sole means of support for fire cable.


  • Safe and easy installation
  • Better Reeling and damage resistant
  • Weather and moisture resistant
  • CPC (Earth) Tinned Annealed Copper
  • Conductors Plain Annealed Copper
  • Core Installation Fire Resistant Silicon

NoBurn Platinum fire cable retains multiple Fire Safety certificates:

  • BS 5839-1:2002 +A2:2008 Clause 26.2d‘Standard’ Fire Cable 
  • BS EN 50200:2006 + Annex E 30Minutes Fire Resistance Standard 
  • BS EN 50200:2006 PH30, PH60 & PH120Fire Resistance Standard 
  • BS 7629-1:2008 Fire Resistance Standard
  • BS 6387:1994 Clause 11 CWZ Fire Resistance Standard
  • BS EN 50267-2-1:1999 Halogen Emission Standard
  • BS EN 61034-2:2005 Low Smoke Standard

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