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X Alert Fire Extinguisher Alarm


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The X Alert Extinguisher monitoring alarm is the first of its kind, by combining the benefits of the traditional wooden backboard where it is used to spread the weight of the extinguisher over a larger area on the wall and an integrated Alarm that protects the alarm from theft and miss-use. X Alert also benefits from 12 bright SMD’s and its loud 100dB siren that are triggered when the extinguisher is removed from the bracket.

It’s got the power!

In standby the XAlert will not consume any power at all. Once the Extinguisher has been removed the XAlert will continuously alarm for up to 6 hours after the Extinguisher has been removed.


The distinctive Piezo siren boasts a loud 100dB output, which serves as both a deterrent to potential vandals and a recognisable alert tone to the responsible person on site. The high volume signal can be instantly silenced by receipt of the missing extinguisher or the master key located on the bottom of the unit.


  • 100dB Siren.
  • 12 Bright SMD’s.
  • interchangeable bracket system.
  • 9v PP3 Battery Powered.
  • Integrated extinguisher support.
  • Maintenance mode key switch.
  • Up to 6 hours alarm time.
  • Bespoke Company branding Available.
  • Built in spirit level to aid easy installation.
  • Spreads the weight of the extinguisher over a larger area which is perfect for stud walls.


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