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Zerio Plus 8, 20 or 100 Zone Control Panel


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The Zerio Plus is a compact radio fire alarm system designed for use in any type of commercial or residential premises. With the culmination of 30 years experience of fire alarm system design and manufacture, the Zerio Plus has replaced the well established Millennium and Zerio series of equipment combining the advantages and features of both systems.

The installer does not require expensive additional equipment to configure the complete system. Once installed, the control panel is used to aid system set-up, program devices and to commission the system.

The automatic set-up and learn modes simplify configuration decisions, reducing the possibility of errors. The servicing/addition/removal of devices does not require extra programming equipment. Complex cause and effects can be programmed into the panel using the front keypad or by connecting a standard USB keyboard. Alternatively by programming a USB memory fob with a PC and then downloading the information into the panel. Internal configuration and operating data can be downloaded on to the same memory fob and then analysed on a PC. Configuration is also stored on a removable memory card for backup.

The panel is capable of warning of any devices approaching their pre-programmed alarm condition and should any of the devices gradually become contaminated, a warning condition is generated.

If devices need to be installed beyond the range of the control panel, either a radio booster or a wired transceiver can be added, to relay information around the system. Up to7 boosters and 7 wired transceivers can be added to the system, which operate as intelligent signal repeaters. Should larger systems be required, they can be linked allowing for 960 devices with 60 panels


  • En54 Certified
  • 240 Fully Addressable Devices
  • Sophisticated Cause and Effects
  • In-built HMO options
  • Plugable Memory Module for Back-up
  • USB Keyboard to program
  • Configuration Reporting via USB Memory Stick
  • Intuitive Menu Structure
  • 5 Access Levels
  • Compatible with full range of Zerio Plus Devices
  • Simple to Set-up


How Many Batteries Does The Zerio Plus Control Panel Require For Battery Backup?

All versions of this panel only require a single battery with capacity of either 3 or 7ah.

How Is The Zerio Plus Control Pane Programmed?

All programming is done directly via panel using the intuitive menus. Further this to we offer a complimentary pre-programming service to all of our customers where we will learn all devices to the panel(s) on our customers’ behalf. The system arrives all labelled up making the installation as streamlined as possible.


  • Maximum Number of Zones :
    • EDA-Z5008 : 8
    • EDA-Z5020 : 20
    • EDA-Z5100 : 100
  • Maximum Number of Devices : 240
  • Max Number of Radio Control Panels : 7
  • Dimensions (mm) W x H x D : 275 x 220 x 85mm
  • Weight (not including battery) : 4Kg
  • Alarm Indicators :
    • Twin flashing red LEDs
    • Red individual zone indication
    • Fire message on LCD with 60 scrolling characters of location text
  • Fault Indicators : Amber LEDs and LCD providing details and location of fault with 60 scrolling characters of location text
  • Event Log Storage : 255 events maximum
  • Supply :
    • Mains : 230V 50Hz 0.3A max
    • Battery :
      • 1x12V 7.0 Ah sealed lead acid giving 72 hour standby
      • 1 x12V 3.0Ah sealed lead acid giving 48 hour standby
  • Monitored Inputs : 2 x wired monitored circuit (4k7 ohm end of line resistor monitored for
    open and short circuit, 470 ohm alarm load)
  • No of Relays (Programmable) : 4
  • Options :
    • Fire Routing – (12V 500mA)
    • Fire -1A Changeover Contacts
    • Fault -1A Changeover Fail Safe Contacts
    • 12V Sounder Circuit (500mA)
  • Operating Frequency : 868MHz
  • Modulation : NBFM
  • Output Power (ERP) : 10mW
  • Operational Temperature : 0°C to +60°C
  • Applicable Standards and Approvals :
    • European Fire Alarm EN54 Part 2, 4 and 25
    • British Standards BS 5839 Part 1


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Weight 5 kg

8, 20, 100

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