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Zeta Reflective Beam Smoke Detector Range Extension Kit


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The Zeta Reflective Beam Smoke Detector is a motorised optical smoke detector for use over large expanses. The basic product has a range of up to 40 metres, this kit allows you to extend that range to up to 140 metres.

The ZT-BEAM is a new innovation in reflective beam detection technology in that is uses a motorised head to maintain alignment with the reflector at all times. Previous versions of this kind of detector frequently became unreliable due to building movement and were time-consuming to not only set up but maintain.

If you have a large expanse of space to protect from fire and monitor for smoke, the Zeta Reflective Beam Smoke Detector in conjunction with this extension kit is a great choice. We also have an extension kit that allows you to extend the range to up to 140 metres.


  • Dimensions
    • ZT-BEAM/KIT140 – (H) 293mm x (W) 293mm x (D) 5mm
    • ZT-BEAM/KIT160 – (H) 394mm x (W) 394mm x (D) 5mm
  • Weight:
    • ZT-BEAM/KIT140 – 0.8kg
    • ZT-BEAM/KIT160 – 1.8kg
  • Range:
    • ZT-BEAM/KIT140 – 70 – 140m
    • ZT-BEAM/KIT160 – 140 – 160m


Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg

70m to 140m, 140 to 160m