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10-20 Zone Master Controller Available In Flush or Surface Enclosure


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  • Master controller with 10 or 20 zones.
  • Compatible with C-TEC’s entire range of 800 Series field devices.
  • Housed in an attractive flush or surface mounetd plastic enclosure.
  • Two call levels – standard (constant tone) and emergency (intermittent tone).
  • Optional mute and call accept/reset buttons.
  • ‘Call Accept’ functionality allows staff to send an intermittent call acknowledgment signal to calling zones to confirm help is on the way (dependent on wiring and field devices used).
  • Includes a 12V 300mA PSU and 2 volt-free relay contacts which activate on a standard or emergency call.
  • Innovative slide-in labelling system.
  • Zones can be wired in 4 or 6 core (7/02) stranded security cable.
  • Additional master controllers and expansion units available for use as repeaters on larger sites.
  • Optional boxed PSUs c/w with space for a 12V VRLA battery available for sites where a standby battery facility is required.


  • Mains Supply : 230V 50/60Hz. (36mA max. current)
  • Internal Power Supply : 11V d.c. (300mA max. current when powered by Mains)
  • Total Output Current Limited To : 140mA
  • Quiescent Current : 0mA (none)
  • Alarm Current : Determined by the number/type of field devices connected to the call controller/system
  • Auxiliary Relays : 2 volt free relay contacts (NO/C/NC). Activate when a standard or emergency call is received by the controller. Both relays rated at 30V d.c. @ 1A
  • Auxiliary Inputs : External PSU Input: 9V-15V d.c. @ 400mA (suitable for use with an NC951B 12V 1A boxed PSU which has space available for a 12V 7AH battery)
  • Indicators : Green Power on LED; 10 x red Zonal Alarm LEDs (lit steady for a Standard call, pulse for an Emergency call); Internal buzzer (on steady for any Standard call, intermittent for any Emergency call)
  • Controls : 2 Buttons – (A) Reset or inactive ; (B) ‘Mute’ or ‘Call Accept’. (Both buttons are link selectable). If Call Accept is selected indicators on relevant field devices will emit a slow intermittent tone to reassure users help is on the way
  • Expansion Connections : CONN2 allows the connection of 1 x NC910EF 10 Zone Expansion Unit or 1x NC920EF 20 Zone Expansion Unit.
  • Call Acknowledgement Functionality : Yes
  • Product dimensions (mm)
    • 10 Zone, Flush (NC910F) : 214 W x 178 H x 70 D mm (overall). Hole required for flush mounting is 176 W x 162 H x 55 D mm
    • 10 Zone, Surface (NC910S) : 214 W x 178 H x 70 D mm
    • 20 Zone, Flush (NC920F) : 214 W x 178 H x 70 D mm (overall). Hole required for flush mounting is 176 W x 162 H x 55 D mm
    • 20 Zone, Surface (NC920S) : 214 W x 178 H x 70 D mm
  • Construction & Finish : Plastic detachable lid and back box. RAL7035
  • IP Rating : IP41
  • Weight
    • 10 Zone, Flush (NC910F) : 1.47kg
    • 10 Zone, Surface (NC910S) : 1.27kg
    • 20 Zone, Flush (NC920F) : 1.47kg
    • 20 Zone, Surface (NC920S) : 1.27kg
  • Operating Conditions/Temperature : -5ºC to +40ºC. Max. relative humidity 95% non-condensing


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Weight 1.5 kg

10, 20


Flush, Surface


Flush, Surface