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Advanced MxPro 4 – Remote Terminal (Repeater)


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Based around two core products, the MxPro 4 Remote Display Terminal (RDT) and the fully functional MxPro 4 Remote Control Terminal (RCT), both utilise the same graphical LCD user interface that can be found on the MxPro 4 series fire panels and are based upon the same advanced, flash based, microprocessor technology.

All MxPro 4 series panels and remote terminals can communicate over the same 2-core network cable.

Integral network interface incorporating a special screen termination to prevent mains frequency earth-loop currents flowing between network nodes.

The ‘Ad-NeT’ network operates as a true peer-to-peer system with full cross panel reporting, control and cause and effect functionality of up to 1000 zones.

Key Features

  • The display information is fully programmable by individual zone or sector and can display any combination of fires, faults, pre-alarms or plant alarms. E.g. can display all information in its own sector, but can only show fire signals from other sectors of a building.
  • Both remote terminals incorporate buzzer mute, view, enable/disable and test facilities with dedicated system and navigation keys for simple user control.
  • Fully on-ste programmable via on-board alphanumeric keypad or PC configuration tools.
  • The RCT has additional sector based control keys for Evacuate, Silence, Resound and Reset, which allows other networked panels to selectively respond to controls as programmed. E.g. on a site with multiple buildings, a user may be allowed to silence and reset fires originating in their own building.
  • Fires originating from other buildings are displayed but cannot be reset.
  • By using flash memory and an advanced graphical display the remote terminals can be easily configured to operate in virtually any language, with any character set and allows for the installer’s logo and company details to be displayed on the LCD display during normal operation.


  • Display : Backlit 240×64 graphical LCD
  • LED Indicators : 3 red (2 x Fire, 1 x Alarm), 1 green (Power) & 12 amber (Fault & System)
  • Keypad : Alpha numeric keypad, navigation keys & on-board buzzer mute facility
  • Controls (Mx-4020 RCT Only) : System keys for Reset, Silence, Resound & Evacuate
  • Key-Switch Input : Optional Level 2 access enable key switch
  • Power Supply Input :
    • Standard Network : 24V DC 150mA
    • Fault Tollerant (/FT) :  24V DC 188mA
  • Operating Voltage : 15-30V DC
  • Number of Fire Zones : 2,000
  • USB/Serial Ports : 1 x USB & 1x RS232 onboard for PC, modem or external printer
  • Programming : Via on-board keypad or PC running Windows
  • Enclosure : Steel IP30
  • Cable Entry : 20mm knock-outs (4 x top & 4 x rear)
  • Colour : Steel IP30 / beige (textured)
  • Size H x W x D mm
    • Enclosure : 218 x 300 x 44
    • Back box only (when recessing) : 218 x 300 x 30


Additional information

Weight 5 kg

Display Terminal, Control Terminal

Network Card

Standard, Fault-Tolerant