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Advanced MxPro 5 AlarmCalm Button with Buzzer


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AlarmCalm is Advanced’s complete False Alarm Management (FAM) solution. AlarmCalm comprises Advanced’s MxPro 5 or Axis EN fire systems, new AlarmCalm config software and our intelligent, loop powered, AlarmCalm buttons. Among many features AlarmCalm allows the initial activation of a fire detector to be accepted and dealt with in a localised area of the protected premises. i.e. an AlarmCalm Button located inside dwelling/apartment can used be for silencing unwanted alarms when there is a local fire condition.

When used in conjunction with the AlarmCalm software it can be used to help verify if an activated condition from a device is considered to be a genuine alarm before the fire alarm condition is displayed on the panel. The AlarmCalm button is a dedicated module connecting to an Apollo or Argus protocol detection loop on our MxPro 5 multiprotocol panel.


  • Push button input
  • LED output (for use as polling/activated function)
  • Mechanically compatible with a single gang UK electrical back box
  • Fully addressable device address, sits on loop (Apollo: 1-126, Axis EN:1-240)
  • Fully programmable using AlarmCalm software, including verification and second-stage times
  • Unique device type recognised as AlarmCalm unit by MxPro 5 FACPs
  • Wiring terminations suitable for all Advanced recommended loop cables
  • Optional programmable audible buzzer output
  • Aimed at reducing unwanted alarms


  • Connection Details: Loop In, Out & Screen connections
  • Dimensions (HxWxD mm): 86x86x23
  • Control Buttons: Push-Button Input
  • User Indication: LED output: Blink on poll. Pulse during Stage-1 and ON during Stage-2 (Acknowledged)
  • Buzzer: 75 dB @ 1m
  • Current Consumption (Quiescent): Apollo 1.0mA (AV: 0.6mA)
  • Current Consumption (Alarm): Apollo 1.5mA (AV: 4.5mA)
  • Current Consumption (Buzzer): Apollo 7.6mA (AV: 8.5mA)
  • Operating Voltage: 17-28V
  • Address: Apollo: 1-126 (AV: 1-240)


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Apollo XP95, Argus Vega