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Agrippa Sound Activated Magnetic Fire Door Holder


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The Agrippa magnetic fire door holder is a battery-powered device used to legally hold open internal fire doors. The device is fitted to the wall and a keeper plate is fitted to the top of the door. The holder can also be floor mounted if required.

The Agrippa holder uses a magnet to hold the door open easing access during the day, in the event of the fire alarm sounding, the door is automatically closed to prevent the spread of smoke and flames, should a fire occur. The red button on the device allows users to manually close the door if needed.

The holder is easy to install and maintain due to its LED display screen and daily timed release option, used to ensure all fire doors are closed at the end of the day. The Agrippa door holder will not hold the door open if the batteries run out of power and features a low battery warning.

The Agrippa fire door holder is dual mode, ready to protect straight from the box and ready to the learn the sound of your specific fire alarm.

The Agrippa has ‘listen and learn’ technology which can be programmed to record the specific sound of the building’s alarm, ensuring the doors will only close upon hearing this exact sound.

The holder is recognised by UK Fire and Rescue Services and the London Fire Brigade, suitable for installation to BS 7273-4 Standard Actuation (Category B) and conforms to EN1155 and is CE marked.

The holder is part of the Agrippa suite of products, which also includes a sound activated fire door closer.

Please note: We recommend that you programme the Agrippa fire door holder to learn the sound of your fire alarm. This innovative unique technology will reduce the occurrences of false activations.

Key Features

  • Battery powered and wire-free door holder.
  • Dual mode: ready to protect, ready to learn.
  • Listens and learns the sound of your specific fire alarm providing greater reliability.
  • Hygenically and discreetly installed at the top of the door.
  • LED display and low battery warning.
  • Daily time release option to close all fire doors.
  • Will not hold in the event of a battery power cut.



  • Holding force : 200 N
  • Power size : 5
  • Default setting : 70dBA, 1.2 – 3.0 kHz
  • Preferred sounder : Continuous tone (not suitable for domestic smoke detector alarms or voice alarm systems )
  • Dimensions (LxWxD) : 118x102x66mm
  • Finish :
    • 3-80-0060 : White
    • 3-80-0066 : Black
  • Battery Type : 2 x C cell batteries


What is the typical battery life for the Agrippa door holders?

You should expect to get a minimum of 12 months following each battery change.

Can you set daily release times?

You can set a daily time when the door holder will release. It will then stay released until another set time when it will reactivate.


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