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Apollo XP95 DIN-Rail Dual Isolator

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The DIN-Rail Dual Isolator provides two independent isolators which sense and isolate short circuits on Discovery and XP95 loops and spurs.


Under normal operating conditions, a low impedance is present between the two negative terminals of each isolator channel so that power and signals are passed to the next base in line. If a short-circuit or abnormally low impedance occurs across the loop, the fall in voltage is sensed and the isolator isolates the negative supply in the direction of the fault. In this condition, the yellow LED of the affected channel will be illuminated.

The isolated section of loop is tested using a current pulse every five seconds. When the short-circuit is removed, the power will automatically be restored. The two isolator channels are not interconnected internally, and operate completely independently of one another.


  • Loop-powered
  • Polarity sensitive
  • Up to 20 detectors can be installed between isolators
  • Allows fully isolated spurs


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