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Apollo XP95 Sounder Circuit Controller

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The XP95 Sounder Control Unit with Isolator is used to control the operation of a zone of externally powered sounders and to report their status to Apollo compatible control equipment. This Sounder Circuit Controller can allow units to be operated continuously, or to be pulsed, 1 Second on, 1 Second off. The controller can also be synchronised with loop sounders. 

Key Features

The Sounder Control Unit with Isolator allows sounders to be operated continuously or be pulsed, 1 second on, 1 second off. Sounders may be operated individually or in groups and, whichever address mode has been applied, may be synchronised when in pulsed operation.

An opto-coupled input is provided to monitor the state of the external power supply.

The Sounder Control Unit with Isolator is fitted with a bi-directional short-circuit isolator and will be unaffected by loop short-circuits on either loop input or output. 


  • Loop Operating Voltage : 17V DC
  • Maximum Loop Operating Voltage : 28V DC

Sounder Control Data:-

  • Current Consumption, Loop, @ 24V
    • Switch on Surge, Max 100ms : 2.6mA
    • Quiescent, 10ohms EOL Fitted : 1.95mA
    • Sounders Operated : 1.7mA
    • Fault (Yellow LED On) : 3.6mA
    • Sounder Line Short Circuit : 2.8mA
  • Current Consumption, External Supply
    • Relay Off
      • 1mA @ 9V
      • 3mA @ 32V
    • Sounders and Red LED On
      • 44mA @ 9V
      • 47mA @ 32V
  • Sounder Output Monitoring Voltage : 9-11V DC
  • Maximum Sounder Circuit Voltage : 32V DC
  • Maximum Sounder Circuit Current : 1A @ 30V DC

Isolator Data:-

  • On Resistance : 0.2ohms
  • Maximum Continuous Current : 1A
  • Maximum Switching Current : 3A
  • Maximum Load : 20 XP95 / Discovery Detectors
  • Operating Tempurature : -20 to +70 Degrees Celcius
  • Humidity : 0-95%
  • IP Rating : 54


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