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Baffles For IAS Aspiration Detector


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Baffles are used to direct the sampled air flow through the point detectors. They are shaped to match a particular model or range of detectors and simply clip into position in the slots provided in the transparent lid of the detector housing.

  • Where the IAS-1 is fitted with two point detectors, insert two baffles.
  • Where the IAS-1 is fitted with a single point detector, insert a blanking baffle.

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Blanking, Tyco Detector, Argus, Apollo S65, XP95, Di, Apollo Multisensors, Detectomat, GE Security, Gent S-Quad, Hochiki SLR-E3, ALG-, Hochiki ALN-EN, Nittan EV-P, Siemens FDOOTC241, F, Siemens 2251EM, System Sensor