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C-TEC BS 5839-6 Hush Button


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Designed to work with widely available open protocol analogue fire alarm systems, C-TEC’s latest innovation gives fire alarm installers a unique opportunity to enter the lucrative and rapidly expanding HMO marketplace.

According to BS 5839 part 6 (the code of practice for fire alarm systems in dwellings) around 80% of all UK fire deaths and injuries occur in dwellings. Nowhere is the risk greater than in houses of multiple occupation where a fire in one ‘dwelling’ can quickly spread to another.

C-TEC’s Hush Button solution meets and exceeds the requirements of BS 5839 Part 6 in all areas, providing reliable and fully monitored fire detection, alarm and silencing facilities inside each individual HMO dwelling.

Utilising readily-available, cost-effective technology, C-TEC’s Hush Button solution puts each HMO occupant firmly in control of their own fire detection systems, helping to reduce false alarms, unnecessary building evacuations and the likelihood of a true alarm condition being ignored.

Key Features

  • Fully compliant with BS 5839 part 6
  • Provides each individual HMO dwelling with its own two-minute silence facility (to BS 5839-6/12.2b) and 15-minute isolate facility (to BS 5839-6/12.2a) – see over for details
  • Designed to sit on a communal fire panel’s analogue loop and to communicate its status back to the host panel for the attention of building management
  • Includes a built-in loop isolator, conventional detector circuit and conventional sounder circuit (0V is common allowing cost-effective three core cable to be used)
  • Mounts on a standard UK 25mm double gang back box
  • Compatible with Hochiki’s ESP and Apollo’s XP95, Discovery and Xplorer protocols
  • Fully monitored for open and short circuit faults to BS 5839 part 1
  • Failsafe operation- a general fire condition at the host panel overrides any silenced/isolated state at the Hush Button and immediately turns on its local sounders
  • Each Hush Button derives its power from the analogue loop – no separate PSU required
  • Typically up to 20 Hush Buttons can be connected to one loop (40 on a two loop panel)
  • Upgrades the level of protection offered in a HMO dwelling from the minimum Grade D requirement (mains/battery powered detectors) to Grade A or Bgt


  • Maximum Number of Hush Buttons Per Loop : 20
  • Onboard Loop Isolator : Yes
  • Maximum Number of Conventional Detectors Per Hush Button : 10
  • Maximum Number of Manual Call Points Per Hush Button : 10
  • Maximum Sounder Circuit Load per Button : 30mA
  • Quiescent Current : 5mA


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