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C-Tec FF502P 4 Zone Sounder Circuit Extender Kit

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The FF502P provides four extra sounder circuits with open and short circuit fault monitoring. It is compatible with most fire alarm control panels and is supplied mounted on a double gang plate which fits standard UK 25mm deep back boxes.


  • Provides four extra conventional sounder circuits with open and short circuit fault monitoring.
  • Compatible with most manufacturers’ fire alarm control panels.
  • Supplied on a double gang plate.
  • Basic connection requires four wires: 24 VDC, 0V, Sounder –Ve & Sounder +Ve.
  • Sounder -Ve & Sounder +Ve can be connected at the host panel or any convenient point on a sounder circuit (DO NOT SPUR). 24 VDC and 0V can be derived from the host panel or, alternatively, from an external PSU.
  • If connecting the FF502P to a C-TEC fire panel only three input control wires are required (Sounder -Ve is not required as our conventional panels have a common 0V rail).
  • Fits on standard UK 25mm flush or surface mount back boxes.


  • Application/Operation : When the host sounder circuit is activated, the FF502P’s sounder circuits follow. If an open or short is detected on any extender circuit, the FF502P connects a 680Ω resistor across the host circuit to indicate a fault on the host sounder zone
  • Supply/Operating Voltage : 15-30 VDC
  • Quiescent Current : Less than 5mA @ 27 VDC (includes monitoring current)
  • Number Of Conventional Sounder Circuits : 4
  • EOL Resistor Value : 4 x 6K8 0.25W for sounder circuits A, B, C and D
  • Maximum Sounder Output Current : 400mA max. current per circuit. Total output current to be no greater than 1A.
  • Product Dimensions (mm) : 146 W x 85 H x D 23mm (Can be mounted on a standard UK 25mm double gang flush or surface back box)
  • Construction & Finish : White PVC plate; Light grey label.
  • IP Rating : IP40
  • Weight : 124g
  • Operating Conditions/Temperature : -10ºC to +60ºC.
  • Notes : A/B and C/D Trigger Inputs pull down to 0V.


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