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C-Tec NC806C Overdoor Light

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The C-Tec NC806C Overdoor Light is a visual alarm indicator designed for use with the 800 Series calling devices, providing clear alerts for standard and emergency calls in various settings.


  • Offers visual alerts with a constant red light for standard calls and a pulsing red light for emergency calls, ensuring clear communication of the call type
  • Features dual red LEDs and a triangular diffuser for high visibility from a distance, enhancing safety and response times
  • Constructed from durable ABS plastic and compatible with standard UK 25mm single gang flush or surface back boxes, making it versatile for installation in different environments


  • Quiescent current : 0mA (none)
  • Alarm current : Determined by the type of control equipment and number / type of field devices connected to the system
  • Indicators  : Dual ultra-bright red Alarm LEDs (lit constantly for standard calls, intermittently for emergency calls)
  • Controls : None (the device is controlled by the master calling device it is connected to)
  • Connections: 1 (Signal); -Ve (Negative); +Ve (Positive)
  • Onboard Sounder : No
  • Onboard Infrared Receiver : No
  • Product dimensions (mm) : 87 W x 87 H x 68 D mm. Mounts on a UK 25mm single gang back box


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