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C-Tec NC883D 12V Relay Unit

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The C-TEC NC883D 12V Relay Unit is a versatile, double-pole, polarized 12V 5A relay designed for triggering various devices such as sirens, strobes, and door releases connected to an 800 Series call system. 


  • Can be directly triggered from the call system’s signal lines, provided the unit is supplied with +12V and -V power
  • Typically used to switch extra low voltages, but can also switch mains voltages when following the guidelines in the instructions
  • Incorporates a high-intensity LED that illuminates red when the relay is active, and includes a white “write-on” area for personalizing the unit


  • Quiescent current : 0mA (none)
  • Alarm current : Determined by the type of control equipment and number / type of field devices connected to the system
  • Indicators : Red Reassurance LED illuminates when Relay is active
  • Dimensions : 87 W x 87 H x 28 D mm
  • Onboard 6.35mm Remote Jack Socket : No
  • Onboard Infrared Receiver: No
  • Connections: +V (positive); 0V (negative); Trig In; Hold off. 2 NC; COM; NO
  • Product dimensions (mm) : 30 W x 20 H x 15 D mm. Approximate length of each flying lead is 75mm
  • Construction & finish : Plastic
  • IP Rating : IP41
  • Weight : 84g
  • Operating conditions/temperature:  -0ºC to +40ºC. Max. relative humidity 95% non-condensing
  • Notes : On standard calls, the relay remains energised until the call is reset. On emergency calls, the relay
    oscillates at the emergency call rate until the call is reset. The relay contacts must not be


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