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C-Tec NC889 Call Latch Module

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The C-Tec NC889ERM is a compact and versatile call latch module that allows any device with a normally open switch to generate a standard or emergency call on an 800 Series Call System.


  • Measures just 30 x 20 x 15mm, making it ideal for discreet installation inside or alongside the monitored device
  • Includes a red reassurance LED that illuminates when a call is made
  • Provides multiple wiring options via the device’s colored leads, allowing it to be easily integrated with a variety of switch assemblies


  • Quiescent current : 0mA (none)
  • Alarm current : Determined by the type of control equipment and number / type of field devices connected to the system
  • Indicators : Red Reassurance LED (lit constant for Standard calls)
  • Controls : Link wire – keep intact for normally closed operation; cut for normally open operation
  • Onboard 6.35mm Remote Jack Socket: No
  • Onboard Infrared Receiver : No
  • Connections: Black -Ve wire; Red Signal wire; Blue Trigger wire
  • Product dimensions (mm) : 30 W x 25 H x 20 D mm. Approximate length of each flying lead is 102mm
  • Construction & finish : Plastic
  • IP Rating : IP41
  • Weight : 12g
  • Operating conditions/temperature:  -5ºC to +40ºC. Max. relative humidity 95% non-condensing
  • Notes : Requires a separate reset facility


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