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C-Tec QT412RXCA Rechargeable IR/RF Transmitter, Push For Call, Pull For Attack

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The C-Tec QT412RXCA is a rechargeable infrared/radio transmitter that allows staff to remotely trigger attack and standard calls through Quantec or 800 Series call systems.


  • Transmits calls up to 10 meters away via infrared or radio signals, depending on the receiving device
  • Includes a karabiner clip for attaching to staff uniforms, and can be programmed to generate different call levels
  • Can be recharged using a single-way or ten-way charging unit, and transmitters on Quantec systems can be programmed with a unique user ID


  • Compatibility : Compatible with C-TEC’s Quantec and 800 Series call systems
  • Type :Infrared/Radio (when used on a Quantec system); Infrared when used on an 800 Series system)
  • Coverage: 10m line-of-sight infrared coverage (940nm modulated @ 38 Khz); 60m typical radio coverage dependent
    on environmental factors (RF868.3 MHz)
  • Max battery size and type : Includes an internal rechargeable NiMHydride battery (non-user serviceable). Can be charged using a
    QT424/1 or QT424/10 single or 10-way charging unit
  • Controls : Karabiner pull clip (activation triggers an Attack call) and two buttons (activation triggers a Standard call).
    Pull clip actuation force is 1.5 kg (15 Newtons)
  • Connections: Red/green confidence LED/battery status indicator
  • Product dimensions (mm) : 45 W x 115 H x 25 D mm
  • Construction & finish  : TBC
  • IP Rating : IP41
  • Weight : 78g
  • Operating conditions/temperature : -5ºC to +40ºC. Max. relative humidity 95% non-condensing
  • Notes : The transmitter’s operation can be tailored to suit a specific site using a QT423 Configurator. Programming
    options depend on whcih system it is used on (Quantec or 800 Series). Refer to the device


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