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DIN-Rail Interface Enclosure


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The enclosures can be used for housing intrinsically safe (IS) barriers or DIN-rail mounted interfaces. The enclosures have a frosted polycarbonate lid through which LEDs can be viewed. A multi-purpose label that features a section for use with IS systems is supplied. For non-IS systems, the part referring to IS can simply be removed.

When using these enclosures with intrinsically safe systems, it is important that segregation be provided between the IS and non-IS circuits. A distance of at least 50mm must be preserved between live conducting parts of IS and other circuits. If the enclosure is used as part of an IS circuit, then it must always be installed inside the safe area. Never install these enclosures in the hazardous area.

The smaller enclosure is suitable for one analogue addressable or two conventional IS circuits or up to four DIN-rail interfaces.


  • Allows multiple Interfaces to be housed together
  • IP67 Rated


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Weight 1 kg
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Four Units, Ten Units