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DIN-Rail Zone Monitor with Isolator

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The DIN-Rail Zone Monitor with Isolator powers and controls a zone of up to 20 Apollo Series 65 or Orbis fire detectors in a Discovery or XP95 loop.


The DIN–Rail Zone Monitor is factory preset to return an analogue value of 16 when all detectors on the zone are in the quiescent state and 64 when a detector changes to the alarm state. The unit latches in the alarm state. A 5.1k end-of-line resistor is used to monitor cables for open and short-circuit faults. Alternatively, an active end-of-line monitor may be used in conjunction with diode bases and a capacitor of up to 50uF fitted at the unit wiring terminals. In either case an analogue value of 4 is transmitted during open or short-circuit faults.

The DIN–Rail Zone Monitor is fitted with a bi-directional short-circuit isolator and will be unaffected by loop short-circuits on either loop input or output. For IS applications use DIN-Rail IS Zone Monitor, part number 55000-798.


  • Loop-powered
  • Visible short-circuit and alarm
  • LEDs Built-in Isolator


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